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Las Gaviotas Resort

La Paz, Mexico

Laz Paz Baja Beaches

In and around La Paz you will find incredible white sandy beaches; Playa Balandra is consistently voted the most beautiful beach on the Baja Peninsula while Tecolote is popular for is restaurants & rustic camping.

We have beach towels, styrofoam coolers & beach chairs available for your use. Read through the list below and choose your locations. You can’t go worng!

Following is a list of beaches starting with those closest to town and working your way out to world famous Balandra and Tecolote (both a mere 30 minute drive from the malecon).

Playa el Corumuel
4.5 km

Walk or ride a bicycle-built-for-two north along the malecon to its end at Playa Corumuel, approximately 2 miles from Posada Colibri and Las Gaviotas Resort.

Coromuel is a world-certified Blue Flag beach. There are only a handful of beaches in Mexico that meet the Blue Flag standards for water quality, safety and environmental education. Coromuel has onsite security, 2 identified swimming areas, assorted palapas, a pier, bathrooms and entertainment facilities.

Playa del Caimancito

Public access to the right of La Concha Hotel & Beach Club. Look for the parking area.

Caimancito features a nice stretch of white sand, a pier and a few palapas, some of which might be in need of repair. The water here tends to be fairly calm. There aren’t any public facilities, but if you stroll over to the hotel for lunch or a drink you can use the restrooms. Water toys are available for rent from the beach club.

Playa el Tesoro
13 km

This is a great beach for families. It is a short drive from town, the water is calm and it’s shallow. You can walk out for quite a ways.

Restrooms, 2 restaurants, kayak & SUP rentals and palapas are available. The only downside to this lovely little beach is the noise from passing traffic. But with toes in the sand and a cold beer in hand, it’s easy to forget the road even exists.

19 km

Located just beyond the ferry station after the road forks to the right.

The sand here is not very soft but there is a restaurant and something else that is very special: You can rent kayaks and if you paddle out to the first rocky point on the right side of the little bay, you’ll find great snorkeling over a beautiful coral bed bustling with colorful fish and starfish.

If you paddle around the point to the first sandy beach you might find yourselves all alone in paradise. Enjoy the show of pelicans and other seabirds diving for their dinner before sunset. If you’re lucky and it’s a calm day, it will be an unforgettable sight and experience.

Playa Balandra
23 km
Voted the Most Beautiful Beach in all of Baja

Balandra is an impressive white sand beach ringed by imposing mountains framing a gorgeous turquoise blue sea. The water here is calm, shallow and tends to warm up faster than at other beaches.

Balandra is in a beautiful bay surrounded by multiple white sand beaches. Five of them are accessible by walking to the right from the parking area. When you get to the third beach you will come across a big rock shaped like a mushroom. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and we have Mushroom Rock. It’s one of our land marks. Take a picture.

There are no restrooms or restaurants at Playa Balandra. Depending upon the weather, vendors may be onsite renting kayaks & chairs or selling fruit, drinks and snacks. There are several palapas but they are usually claimed early.

It’s fun to kayak around the bay of Balandra and the mangroves. If kayaks are not available here then you can rent them at Playa Azul at Tecolote (the next beach). It’s a seafood restaurant located in a blue and white beached boat.

You’ll need to have some good physical condition to paddle back to Balandra and around in its beautiful crystal waters. It’s a great a great adventure.

Note: Don’t leave any valuables in your car at these beaches. Thieves are practiced at opening the doors in a hot second.

Another incredible beach is accessible by walking across Balandra bay at low tide to where you see a very white sandy hill on the other side. The tide is always gentle here; never so strong to carry you out, so don’t worry about that. You can easily walk across in knee deep crystal clear water at low tide and waist deep water at medium tide.

What I would warn you about are the little white stingrays that sometimes sleep buried in the sand. You want to watch out for them and warn them to scurry away by shuffling your feet or tapping the sand in front of you with a broom stick.

If you happen to step on one, its little arrow-tipped tail will flip up and nick you on the top of the foot or in the heel. Avoid it! It’s not life threatening at all but it is a horrible “pain in the foot.”

When it’s warm like it is in late spring through fall, you don’t want to stay at Balandra late in the day. When the shadows get long, these little tiny flies come out. We call them no-see-ums. They start to bite before you know it, and two days later you get the seven day itch. If you feel a little pin-prick on your skin in the late afternoon, pack up & jump in your car or run over to Tecolote beach for a cold beer.

Playa el Tecolote
26 km

Multiple restaurants and vendors. Rustic beach camping. Plenty of parking in the sand lot.

Nothing will bite you here except the sunburn you might get if you go to sleep on a lounge chair at Costa Azul restaurant, the one that is in the beached boat.

While you’re at Tecolote Beach, I highly recommend that you taste a wonderful delicacy. Chocolata clams on the half shell or Almejas Naturales.

Sweeze a little lemon juice on each half shell of raw clams, add a drop of soy sauce or Maggie sauce, maybe a drop of chile sauce, and enjoy. They can be addictive once you get over the idea of something live sliding down.
Also try the stuffed clams. Same critter mixed with a little chopped onion, pepper and tomato with cheese on top, just heated through on the charcoal grill. There aren’t many places in the world you can try these, so go for it! I just love ’em and so does almost everybody I know.


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