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Las Gaviotas Resort

La Paz, Mexico

Swim and Snorkel with Whale Sharks in the Bay of La Paz

Snorkel with Whale Sharks in La Paz MexicoDespite their name, the docile whale sharks (tiburón ballena) of the Baja are not the pointy-toothed predators you think of when you hear the word “shark”.

These carpet sharks are slow-moving filter feeders – they eat plankton and are completely harmless to

They are the largest fish species in the world and can grow to over 30 feet in length. Whale sharks have nothing in common with whales other than their size.

When feeding, Rhincodon typus opens its mouth wide and swims forward allowing water to flow through
and push food into its mouth. This water then passes through layers of filter pads where plankton, krill and small fish are trapped. Excess water is pushed out through the gills.

Size of whale shark compared to a personSnorkeling with the whale sharks in La Paz is a fantastic experience. The trip typically lasts 3-4 hours. Boats depart from the Malecon and it takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to travel out to the area in the bay where the sharks are feeding.

Once a shark is located, swimmers jump into the water with their guide and swim alongside these gentle giants.

This is an active trip. Whale sharks are normally on the move while feeding and you will need to swim alongside to keep up. It’s not difficult, but you should know that you aren’t simply floating about watching the whale sharks below.

Swim and snorket with whale sharks in Baja MexicoThis is a trip that does not need advance planning. It is best to wait until you arrive to gauge the weather and decide when to go.

We can help figure out what is likely to be your best day to snorkel and to make arrangements for you to swim with the whale sharks here in La Paz.

Tour operators provide snorkels & fins. They also have wet suits available for rent. We have beach towels for you to take along. Some boats have a toilet available onboard but most do not. If this is important to you, please let us know.  And don’t forget your sunblock!



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