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Las Gaviotas Resort

La Paz, Mexico

Things to Do In & Around La Paz

Before you get started, remember that here in La Paz some people still practice the Latin custom of the siesta. They commonly take off work at 1pm and enjoy lunch and a little relaxation before opening their businesses again at 4pm. That’s why you might feel a little lonely when you are out in the streets of La Paz in the early afternoon.

Also note that the local people tend to eat breakfast at 9am and lunch at 2:30pm. That’s when the fish and seafood taco stands are serving. The dinner hour starts for the Mexicans around 8pm.

  1. Stroll El Malecon (pronounced mal eh CONE ) anytime but especially at sunset or in the evening. Then there are restaurants with musicians and sometimes street entertainers. It’s a great place to watch people while you enjoy eating ice cream or drinking coffee. Speaking of ice cream, the best place for ice cream made on site is called La Fuente. They make their own cones too. This shop is located on El Malecon across from the light tower and the pier.
  2. Visit the Museum of Anthropology at the corner of Altamirano and Cinco de Mayo. Hours are Monday through Friday 9am – 4pm
  3. Walk around the Public Markets. Mercado Madero is at the corner of Revolucion y Degollado. Mercado Bravo is at the corner of Bravo y Guillermo Prieto. Look for the restaurant section and maybe try a taste of something interesting like a real Mexican chile relleno. This is a place where the working people eat and everything is basic and inexpensive. Lunch costs $50 pesos as of this printing.
  4. In the Zocalo (pronounced so ca LOW) or town square on 5th de Mayo y Madero in the afternoons on weekends the townspeople play a game like bingo. It’s called Lotteria (pronounced Low tay RI a). It might be fun to play a hand or two and probably costs less than a dollar per card per game. It benefits the cathedral right there by the square.
  5. Visit the Cathedral in front of the Zocalo.
  6. Try fish and seafood tacos in the AM at McFish on Morelos between Madero and Revolucion. Just walk left on Belisario Domingues street to Morelos, two blocks, and turn left for 1.5 blocks. Another place to try them and compare is at the Bizmarkcito restaurant. A five minute walk to the left on El Malecon.
  7. Try famous Mexican grilled beef tacos at stands where you see a lot of Mexican people standing around. I could recommend one called El Super Burro. To get there you have to walk left from Las Gaviotas Resort up El Malecon to the end of the sidewalk, about 15 minutes, then another five minutes, almost to 5 de Febrero Boulevard. On the left side of the street, look for El Super Burro. These are the biggest tacos in town, stuffed with meat and ask for a taco mixto, with melted cheese in them. Then pile on the toppings. We stand at the bar and order them one by one in a tortilla de Harina or flour tortilla. I recommend that you try the beans and the grilled onion at a taco stand to get a good measure of the place. Ask for frijoles (free HO lays) and cebolla asada (say BO ya a SA da). Everybody has a favorite taco stand and we used to have our choice on this end of town, but maybe the population has kind of migrated to the south side of town, we only have few good ones nearby for beef tacos. There is a very well know place for tacos called El Rancho Viejo, but in my opinion, they don’t put there hearts into there work and you can kind of tell the difference if you know what I mean. Try them if you are curious and tell me if you have another impression.
  8. People say our hotdogs are special. My son, who thinks he and his friends are connisuours, have tried them all over the country on their treks, and he says that they are the best. Try them at any stand on any corner where you see the people lined up. They cost about $13 pesos each. Be sure and say what you don’t want on it when you order because they’ll pile on the works. Also be sure and eat them leaning over. It will keep the tomatoes out of your toes.
  9. I thought that would make you laugh! Ha Ha. Surprised you didn’t I?
  10. Visit the Ibarra Pottery shop near Las Gaviotas. It’s a family run business where the artists from several generations of the Ibarra family paint their ceramic pieces in a special colorful pattern. Any little thing from here might make a gooud souvenir or recuerdo (Re cu ER do) to take home with you.
  11. The weavers shop is on Abasolo near Nayarit street. You can sometimes see the weaver in action and choose from a variet of textile products, some made on site and some from mainland Mexico. You can get here in a taxi if yo don’t have car. Probably $70 pesos one way.
  12. Try the tamales from the vendor at Aramburo Market on Madero and Hidalgo.
  13. Rent bicycles to cruise around the city. There is a rental shop near the Hotel 7 Crown. Roller skates and scooters are there too.
  14. Tour and learn about the Orphanage. Julie at Se Habla La Paz Language School can arrange it.
  15. If you’re missing the latest movie go see one at our 15 theater complex, Cinepolis, at the Soriana Shopping Center. We even have a Sears store, so you’ll feel at home. To get there continue on the Malecon to the VW dealer, then turn left on Colosio. Stay on Colosio for about 2 miles until you see the big box stores. The theater is on the North end and will be at the extreme left as you turn off Colosio. It takes about a half hour from the resort. To see what’s playing at the theaters go online to
  16. Watch a professional soccer game or any other popular sporting event at a sports bar with the fans. Tailhunters is a good one. They are just down to the left on El Malecon.
  17. Attend theater and concert events at the Teatro de la Ciudad or Teatro Juarez.
  18. Try recommended restaurants every evening.
  19. Read www.rozinlapaz to see a calendar of upcoming cultural events and even more interesting things to do.
  20. Hearing the Orquestra Juvenil is a very feel-good experience. will have the dates.
  21. See to see what the Gringo community is up to. They usually have something fun going on.

A lot of the things on this list come to us courtesy of Julie at Se Habla La Paz. Thank you Julie!


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